‘Cryptocurrency Should be a proof-of-work Coin’ – Samson Mow

Breaking News / Crypto Market Samson Mow recently talked in an interview where he talked about “definition of cryptocurrency”. Mow added to the conversation by talking about why a cryptocurrency had to be a proof-of-work coin. The CSO further went onto say that Bitcoin had an “immaculate conception.”

Ripple Is One of Disruptors in Blockchain Gaming, According to SBI Investment Korea

Ripple is one of the companies that is driving the adoption of blockchain in gaming, according to SBI Investment Korea Director Lee Joo-hyuk. He alluded to the $100 mln fund that was formed by Ripple’s investment arm Xpring and gaming startup Forte back in March 2019.

Millennials should invest in bitcoin, billionaire investor says

Bitcoin is the place to invest your money if you’re a millennial, billionaire investor Tim Draper told FOX Business on Wednesday. The largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization has a total value of $157.5 billion, according to Draper believes its the key for millennials who want to make sure they have enough money for retirement.

Is Samsung About To Partner With This Crypto Startup?

We can’t officially confirm it, but a credible source suggests yes.

Square secures patent for a new ‘cryptocurrency payment network’ – Decrypt

Earlier this week, the payments giant secured yet another crypto-related patent-this time, one that specifically registers a system for converting payments made in fiat to “non-fiat instruments.” The news was first reported earlier today by industry publication CoinDesk.

212,000,000 XRP Sent From South Korean Crypto Exchange to Mysterious Wallet in Less Than a Month

Cryptocurrency traders are tracking a series of XRP transfers from the South Korean exchange Bithumb. The popular whale watcher Whale Alert has identified six transfers in the last month moving a total 212 million XRP worth $49.5 million from a wallet owned by the exchange to an unknown wallet.

Tesla Vs Bitcoin: Which One You Should Hold by 2025? –

Bitcoin is regarded by many as the world’s top performing asset class, but the king of crypto might have an unexpected competitor in the face of Tesla stocks (TSLA), as is market cap breaks $100 billion today. On Wednesday, the share price of Tesla enjoyed another significant rally amid a general bullishness in the US stock market.

These Simple Factors Could Lead Bitcoin to Rally to Fresh Multi-Year Highs

Bitcoin’s firm bout of sideways trading over the past few days has muddied the clarity that some analysts previously had about the strength of BTC’s recent uptrend, as some traders are now eyeing its recent highs of $9,200 as a mid-term top.

Top 28 Best Ways to Earn Bitcoin and Get Paid in Cryptocurrency for 2020

With the hype surrounding crypto continuing to grow with each passing day, more and more casual VC enthusiasts are looking to get a piece of the action. And while in the past it has been difficult for your average person to earn currencies like BTC, ETH, BCH, as things stand, there currently exist a host of novel avenues that allow individuals to acquire crypto in a highly streamlined, straightforward manner.

China to rule the Blockchain market | BTC Wires

China has been on the constant verge of making very good developments in the field of Blockchain technology. There have has been a lot of steady advancements and China has been on the constant path of reinventing itself in the Blockchain space. The Chinese yuan made a great impact on…

XRP records 322% growth in active addresses over the week – AMBCrypto

January continued to be a great month for the digital assets industry as the likes of Ethereum and XRP continued to record positive metrics in the market. According to Coinmetrics’ recent report, over the past week, ETH and XRP transfers have both hiked by 10.5 percent and 20.7 percent, respectively.

Hong Kong and Thailand debut digital currency prototype

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority and the Bank of Thailand today announced that they have built a prototype for a cross-border blockchain payment system. Project Inthanon-LionRock, which was completed in December, permits banks in Hong Kong and Thailand to send funds to each other via smart contracts.

HSB Survey: 36% of U.S. Small & Medium-Sized Businesses Accept Cryptocurrency – DCEBrief

A recent HSB survey of small and medium-sized enterprises across the United States found that 36 percent of those businesses now accept cryptocurrency payments for their goods and services. In a press release, HSB also confirmed that 59 percent of respondent companies said that they’ve even purchased cryptocurrency. Read More

Finance news: Bank of England to explore cryptocurrency

Financial giants The Bank of Canada, Bank of Japan, European Central Bank, the Swiss National Bank and Sveriges Riksbank are teaming up with UK’s central bank to assess the possibility of a ‘central bank digital currency’ (CBDC).

Asia Times | Bitcoin has its best start to year since 2012 | Article

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Another Ethereum wallet now supports Unstoppable Domains – Decrypt

Ethereum wallet MyEtherWallet (MEW) has added support for Unstoppable Domain’s human readable addresses. These turn complex crypto addresses into simple names (like using email addresses) making it much easier to send Ethereum around. According to a press release, this collaboration will introduce Unstoppable Domains’ users to MEW’s built-in features such as cryptocurrency swaps, non-fungible token management and a MakerDAO decentralized finance portal.

Ethereum supply getting more distributed with time: Report – AMBCrypto

Over the last decade, the digital assets industry has achieved enormous success; however, its reputation has often been weighed down by major lows. The hack of Mt. Gox was one of the first blows to the industry, raising serious concerns with respect to network security and asset protection.

Blockchain game startup SuperTree nets $2.5M in early-stage funding – SiliconANGLE

South Korea-based distributed ledger blockchain game developer SuperTree Co. Ltd. announced today that it has raised $2.5 million in a Series A investment led by Korea Investment Partners, the country’s largest venture capital firm, and SBI Investment Korea. SuperTree develops games that use blockchains, the underlying technology that makes cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and Ethereum.

Ethereum Classic Labs Commits $1 Million In Partnership with UNICEF Innovation Fund to Promote Blockchain-Based Social Impact Solutions

NEW YORK (January 22, 2020) – Ethereum Classic Labs, the core development and accelerator organization for the Ethereum Classic blockchain, today announced a $1 million commitment that will launch a key partnership with the UNICEF Innovation Fund.

CME Bitcoin options volume increases by over 100 percent to $5.3 million just a week after launch | CryptoSlate

Trading volume for Bitcoin (BTC) options from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, or CME Group, has increased by over 100 percent in just the first week after their launch. Bitcoin options volumes more than doubled in the seven days following their introduction on January 13, 2020.

Asia Times | China eyes blockchain for ‘social credit’ system | Article

More than 20 Chinese technology experts from universities, research institutes and businesses attended a seminar called “Blockchain technology helps China’s new social credit system” on January 14, English-language news outlet reported on Wednesday. China’s social credit system is a citizen reputation system that the Chinese government is currently developing.

Blockchain Association Supports Telegram in Legal Battle With SEC

The Blockchain Association has filed an amicus curiae brief in response to the litigation against Telegram initiated by the SEC.

$445 million in Bitcoin transferred for just $0.25

Interest in the Bitcoin blockchain’s ability to process hugely valuable BTC transfers for negligible transaction fees has been renewed recently after it emerged several multi-million dollar transactions have been processed for less than a dollar. The latest of these transactions, which totals almost

Siemens is aiding Dubai to explain blockchain to its citizens – Decrypt

The government of Dubai has united with multinational conglomerate Siemens, to increase blockchain awareness via education. The joint enterprise will facilitate lectures and seminars on the benefits of distributed ledger technology (DLT). The pact between the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) and Siemens is already well underway.

Jack Dorsey’s Square Wins Patent for Fiat-to-Crypto Payments Network – CoinDesk

Payments provider Square has won a U.S. patent for a new network that enables seamless crypto-to-fiat transactions. Granted Tuesday by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the patent details a payments system allowing users holding different asset types to transact with one another in real-time.

Retail Accumulation? Number of Bitcoin Addresses With One or More Coins Sees Solid Rise – CoinDesk

Humpback whale and her baby in the Pacific Ociean (via Shutterstock). Retail Accumulation? Number of Bitcoin Addresses With One or More Coins Sees Solid Rise A key on-chain metric has witnessed growth over the past 12 months, possibly indicating steady accumulation of bitcoins by retail traders. As of Jan.

Grayscale to Fund Ethereum Classic Developers for 2 More Years – CoinDesk

Grayscale Investments has committed to financially supporting development of the ethereum classic (ETC) cryptocurrency for another two years. Announced Wednesday, the asset manager will continue to donate one-third of the management fees from its Grayscale Ethereum Classic Trust to the ETC Cooperative each quarter through 2021.

Bitcoin’s Lighting ‘Torch’ Reignites, Blazes Through 38 Countries in 3 Days – CoinDesk

Bitcoin’s lightning torch is back, and it’s zipped through at least 38 countries already. The torch is a digital game first ignited in January 2019 by pseudonymous bitcoin enthusiast Hodlonaut, known for his Twitter avatar of a cat in a spacesuit. Each “torchbearer” sends a tiny amount of bitcoin to the next.

Fidelity Wants to Expand its Mining Business

US asset manager Fidelity has posted a job offer seeking a mining engineer to expand its mining operations. According to the job offer, which was posted on its website last month and on its LinkedIn profile last week, the firm wants to hire a mining engineer who will be responsible for helping design, building and maintaining the infrastructure required to run and expand its Bitcoin mining operations.

Bank of Canada part of global group pondering digital currencies

FRANKFURT — Major central banks have joined together to explore whether they should issue digital currencies as the use of cash declines and more people turn to electronic forms of paying. The study group is made up of the European Central Bank, the Bank of Japan, the Bank of Canada, the Bank of England, the Swedish Riksbank and the Swiss National Bank.

Bitcoin, altcoin Futures contracts worth $3 trillion traded in 2019 – AMBCrypto

TokenInsight, a noted data-analytics platform, has released its latest report on derivatives trading markets, with the same analyzing trading activities surrounding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency Futures contracts in 2019. TokenInsight studied Bitcoin and altcoin Futures trading volumes from nine different exchanges, including the likes of Bybit, Binance, Deribit, and FTX, collecting data for between 1 January and 8 December 2019.

Government of Dubai and Siemens join forces to promote blockchain use and education

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) and Siemens to organize several lectures and seminars. Dubai plans on becoming the world’s first blockchain-powered governance country by the end of this year. The government of Dubai has boosted its efforts to increase awareness about blockchain technology among the public.

This One Trillion Dollar Factor Will Boost Bitcoin Sky High In the Long Run | NewsBTC

Thanks to its hard monetary policy and lack of national affiliation, Bitcoin has been described by many as the perfect hedge against global economic uncertainty. Around the world, the questionable policies of central bankers create new reasons for people to turn to the cryptocurrency every day.

Crypto CEO Wants to Buy Mexico’s Presidential Jet With Amero Tokens

Altcoin News Mexico-based crypto exchange operator Isatech intends to buy the country’s presidential jet for $138 million worth of tokens and a large piece of land, among other things. If Isatech’s bold plan succeeds, it means the Mexico government would end up with hundreds of billions of Amero tokens (AMX), and between 1,400 and 2,400 hectares of land in the state of Baja California Sur.

Report: Bitcoin outperforms banks in settlement times and reliability | Micky

According to the latest report from LearnBonds, the Bitcoin blockchain got 20 percent faster in the first month of 2020 compared to December 2019, dropping from 10.36 minutes to 8.27 minutes. The drop in execution time comes after almost six months of continual rise, with the highest Bitcoin transaction time recorded in November 2019 at 11.077 minutes.

Bitcoin Scaling: How Liquid Sidechain Could be Better Than Lightning

It is painfully clear that bitcoin needs to scale in terms of transactions if it is ever to be mass adopted as a peer-to-peer currency. Two solutions currently address the issue, the Lightning Network and Liquid sidechain, but which one is best? Like it or not, bitcoin is currently painfully slow and limited.

Central banks join forces to look at future digital currencies

No results matched your search 0 Sign up to create alerts for Instruments, Economic Events and content by followed authors Free Sign Up Economy 58 minutes ago (Jan 21, 2020 12:57) By Andy Bruce and Francesco Canepa LONDON/FRANKFURT (Reuters) – Major central banks are looking at the case for issuing their own digital currencies, the Bank of England and European Central Bank said on Tuesday, amid a growing debate over the future of money and who controls it.

Bank of England leads collective to research digital currencies – Decrypt

The Bank of England has teamed up with five of the world’s largest central banks to investigate the economic benefits of a central bank digital currency (CBDC). Joining the Bank of England in the collective are the Bank of Canada; the Bank of Japan; the European Central Bank; the Sveriges Riksbank; the Swiss National Bank, and the Bank for International Settlements (BIS).

Mexican Firm Offers Crypto in Exchange for Presidential Plane

A crypto exchange operator in Monterrey, Mexico, has launched an audacious crypto-powered bid to buy the country’s presidential aircraft for USD 138 million worth of tokens and a large swathe of land.

Crypto Bulls Definitely on Parade, Bitcoin Is Attracting ‘Very Substantial Buying Power’

In 2018, the crypto market went through a long brutal bear winter. Last year, we managed to recover from some of those losses by seeing the gains of about 85%. After the choppy recovery of Bitcoin in 2019, the crypto market is now according to Weiss Crypto Ratings, an independent crypto ratings provider “launching what could be a far more sustainable bull market.”

Ethereum (ETH)-Based Stablecoin To Be Issued By ConsenSys

Cryptocurrencies, especially stablecoins, are among the central concerns of the ongoing Davos Economic Forum 2020. So, ConsenSys blockchain corporation has shared their concept of CBDC! While 2019 was the year of stablecoin recognition by central banks, 2020 may be the year of regulated digital asset implementation.

Huobi Debuts Crypto Brokerage as Its Institutional Arm Grows 400% Since Q3 2019

Huobi, the fifth-largest crypto exchange by daily trading volume, will now provide crypto brokerage service to its institutional clients.

Digix Community Passes Project Ragnarok, $64 Million In DigixDAO To Be Liquidated – TheCoinRepublic

The Digix community site has successfully passed a proposal on Project Ragnarok, which was a protocol that would return the invested ether in the Digix project. It is currently estimated that DigixDAO holds approximately 386,000 Ether ($64 million). The main reasons behind the liquidation can mainly be attributed to the lack of community support or interest in the DAO.

Bank of Canada among central banks studying use of digital currencies

Major central banks have joined together to explore whether they should issue cryptocurrencies as the use of cash declines and more people turn to electronic forms of paying. The study group is made up of the European Central Bank, the Bank of Japan, the Bank of Canada, the Bank of England, the Swedish Riksbank and the Swiss National Bank.

Bitcoin to Conquer $12.5K Level Before May, Says Veteran Trader

Bitcoin has established itself in the $7,600-$9,000 range, and is slowly regaining momentum. Veteran crypto trader, Filbfilb, confirms in his latest Decentrader newsletter that we should see the leading asset break above $12,500 before the upcoming halving event.

Ripple, Coinbase Invested Bitso Is Hiring A Country Manager For Its Brazil Expansion

Latin America’s leading cryptocurrency platform, Bitso is taking a step towards evolving “how Latin Americans think about and use money.” For its expansion, Bitso has chosen Brazil as its next destination and is hiring Country Manager to lead its international expansion in Brazil.

Ethereum Officially Starts the One Million Developer Challenge

After three months since the initial announcement, the challenge to get one million developer to build on Ethereum (ETH) is now officially on. Last October, as reported, at the Devcon 5 conference held by the Ethereum Foundation, Joseph Lubin, co-founder of Ethereum and founder of blockchain company ConsenSys, announced the mission to get 1 million developers on this platform by the Devcon 6 this year.

Emurgo establishes blockchain task force with Uzbekistan – TokenPost

Emurgo establishes blockchain task force with Uzbekistan Emurgo, the official commercial and venture arm of the Cardano blockchain project, is setting up a blockchain task force in partnership with the government of Uzbekistan. In a press release dated Jan.

How Fintech Innovations are Eroding Banking’s Dominance

5 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. It’s an old adage: Dinosaurs don’t move fast enough, which gives agile creatures (or companies) an ability to survive and even thrive. Banks’s dominance over money is eroding.

Bitcoin (BTC) Segregated Witness (SegWit) Transactions Hit An All-Time High At 64%

According to data collected on SegWit Space, a crypto analytics website, the total number of Bitcoin transactions completed on SegWit hit an all-time high of 64.13% of the total network’s transactions. Despite the spike in SegWit based transactions, the transaction fees have kept on rising, which raises doubts on the benefits of the soft fork.

Global central banks are partnering up to explore digital currencies

Some of the world’s largest central banks are teaming up on an initiative to explore digital currencies. The central banks of Britain, Japan, the euro zone, Sweden and Switzerland have grouped up with the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) to assess potential use cases for such currencies.

Central Banks Join to Study Possible Digital Currencies

Clouds drift over the European Central Bank, right, in Frankfurt, Germany, Saturday, Jan. 18, 2020. (AP Photo/Michael Probst) FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) – Major central banks have joined together to explore whether they should issue cryptocurrencies as the use of cash declines and more people turn to electronic forms of paying.

UK-based Cashaa Unveils a New Banking Service, Offer Crypto-Friendly Accounts

Cashaa, a London-based banking platform, recently unveiled a new crypto-friendly banking service. Their new accounts now offer users cryptocurrency conversions of up to £200 million. The new banking account from Cashaa is called “Crypto Business/Broker” and is designed for people and businesses looking for crypto-friendly banking offerings.

South Korean Bankers ‘Fear’ Starbucks Crypto Threat

A report from South Korea claims that bankers in the country are concerned about the rise of an unexpected crypto threat – American coffee shop chain Starbucks. Per the Korea Times, banking professionals have theories about the company’s digitization plans, and worry that they will fall behind when the coffee company flexes its crypto muscles.

New Bill In Congress Could Have Massive Impact On Bitcoin, Ethereum, And Other Cryptocurrencies

Last Thursday, the Virtual Currency Tax Fairness Act of 2020 was introduced in Congress. The bill has the potential to solve a major issue with payments made via Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other major cryptocurrency networks in that an exception would be created for the potential capital gains taxes that often occur when these digital assets are used in everyday commerce.

Countries come together in hope of creating cryptocurrency backed by central banks

The Bank of England has created an international group to explore the possibility of developing a cryptocurrency backed by central banks. The central banks of Japan, Sweden, Switzerland and the eurozone joined the initiative, together with the Bank of International Settlements (BIS).

Self-hosted bitcoin payments processor BTCPay launches new ‘Vault’ desktop app – The Block

BTCPay has released a new desktop application – BTCPay Vault – to integrate user hardware wallets into its system and allow more users to take advantage of its full Bitcoin node. Established in 2017, BTCPay is a self-hosted, open-source bitcoin payments processor. According to an official blog post, the platform does not store private keys …

Venezuelan Team Working on Bitcoin Mesh Network Based on Offline Radios

Venezuelan project Locha Mesh is developing devices to ensure crisis-struck regions are able to use crypto amid internet and electricity shortages.

A $134 Million Building in Zurich Has Sold Via Blockchain

Remember when everyone was convinced that blockchain cryptocurrency was the future? In those halcyon days, almost everyone with a modicum of tech savvy was convinced that investing in Bitcoin or Ethereum was the secret to effortlessly striking it rich…until the bubble burst.

Ethereum Price to Set New 6-Month High: Crypto Analyst –

Ethereum price was recently on its way back to $200 until it met strong resistance and was subsequently driven back beneath $140. One analyst however, believes that a much stronger bull run is in the works. The entire crypto community held its breath recently, as Bitcoin broke the $9,000 mark and started surging further up.

Regulated Fintech Firm Monerium to Issue E-Money on Algorand Blockchain – CoinDesk

A regulated European startup plans to bring fiat currency transactions onto the Algorand blockchain. Iceland-based Monerium, which has a European Economic Area (EEA) e-money license, has entered into a non-exclusive partnership with Algorand. Announced Tuesday, the deal will see the two companies collaborate on developing “real-world use cases that are enabled by advanced blockchain technology” using Monerium’s “programmable” e-money, according to W.

Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust Is Now Open to More Investors as SEC Reporting Company – CoinDesk

Grayscale Investments’ bid to register its Bitcoin Trust as an Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) reporting company has succeeded. The trust became the first publicly-traded bitcoin investment vehicle on an over-the-counter market in May 2015, and Grayscale filed a Form 10 to the SEC in November, opening the trust up to investors currently restricted from participating in non-regulated vehicles.

In First ‘Pure Crypto’ Hire, Silvergate Bank Recruits Blockstream Liquid Network Exec – CoinDesk

In First ‘Pure Crypto’ Hire, Silvergate Bank Recruits Blockstream Liquid Network Exec Crypto-friendly Silvergate Bank has made its first hire from the hardcore bitcoin community to support an ambitious roadmap for its business serving digital currency clients.

6 Central Banks Form Digital Currency Use Case Working Group – CoinDesk

Six central banks have formed a working group with the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) to share findings as each investigates potential cases for central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). The group will be comprised of the central banks of Sweden, Canada, Switzerland, the U.K.

Paxos Launches Automatic Conversions Between Bank Deposits and Stablecoins – CoinDesk

Paxos announced Tuesday a new feature allowing customers to automatically wire transfer funds from their bank accounts into either Paxos Standard or Binance USD stablecoins. Conversely, any PAX or BUSD sent to the designated address will be automatically wired back to the individual’s bank account in USD.

Square Crypto Is Creating a ‘Lightning Development Kit’ for Bitcoin Wallets – CoinDesk

Square Crypto, the payment company’s bitcoin-focused wing, is building a “Lightning Development Kit” for wallet and app developers to more easily build on the layer-2 solution. Announced Tuesday, the new kit includes an API, language tools, demo apps and other features to help developers integrate support for Lightning payments into their own wallets.

Huobi Opens Brokerage Platform for Institutional Investors – CoinDesk

Huobi Group is opening its first digital asset brokerage platform, offering trading products and services to institutional clients and high net-worth customers. Announced Tuesday, the Gibraltar-based Huobi Brokerage is also the first product launched under the company’s Global Institutional Business (GIB) division, according to a company statement.

Merchants Can Now Accept XRP Via Crypto Payment Processor BitPay – CoinDesk

Cryptocurrency payment solution BitPay has added support for XRP to its wallet app on Tuesday, after first announcing its intent to do so in October 2019. BitPay worked alongside Ripple developer platform Xpring to complete the XRP integration, which is the third largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization at $10.1 billion, according to Messari.

Blockchain Is Now the Most In-Demand Skill on the Planet: LinkedIn

A new report from the social network giant LinkedIn says blockchain professionals are in demand in 2020. The report places blockchain at the top of a list of “hard skills” that are in highly sought after – above expertise in cloud computing, analytical reasoning, artificial intelligence, user experience design, business analysis and affiliate marketing.

BitPay Users Can Buy Amazon Gift Cards with XRP

Author: Daria Rud Daria is an economic student interested in the development of modern technologies. She is eager to know as much as possible about cryptos as she believes they can change our view on finance and the world in general. In recent days, the Swiss Franc (CHF) is surging against the U.S.

This Confluence of Bullish Factors Shows XRP Could Soon Explode Higher

XRP and the majority of other major altcoins have been able to develop firmly bullish market structures over the past few weeks, which has been driven by the massive 2020 uptrend that the crypto market is currently caught within.

Fintech pioneer, blockchain innovation highlight BlockSpaces event at Embarc Collective

Matteo Rizzi was leading the way in financial technology before the term fintech was in use. He will bring his insights into financial service disruption to Tampa next month, when he keynotes a program organized by BlockSpaces, a blockchain technology development studio. The Feb. 20 event, “Talents, Rebels & Disruptive Innovation: An Evening with the […]

CHAIN2020 Becomes the Largest Blockchain Educational Event Ever | TechBullion

This week the major event in the blockchain industry CHAIN2020 brought together more than 15 000 guests and world-renowned speakers in Hong Kong with a shared mission to accelerate blockchain adoption in the world and, particularly, in the Asian region. These are record figures for an event of this level, as usually, the audience of …

Chinese Financial Powerhouse Launches National Blockchain Service With Nearly 1,500 Patents: Report

Shanghai-based UnionPay, a major bank card services provider in China that operates under the approval of the country’s central bank, is rolling out a blockchain service network.

Bitcoin Breaking This Single Level Will Spark a Parabolic 800% Rally

Bitcoin’s 2020 uptrend has drastically shifted the market structure of BTC, which was previously shaping up to be incredibly bearish while it was hovering within the $6,000 region. The subsequent rallies from this price region, however, have allowed it to climb all the way up to $9,200, which appears to be a key resistance level that bulls are currently in the process of contesting.

Crypto Market Sentiment Climbs Higher; Bitcoin Gets Company

The cryptocurrency market sentiment made another long step upwards for the third week in a row, and now we see the combined moving average 7-day market sentiment measure, Sentscore, for the top 10 coins standing at 5.83, compared to last week’s 5.47/10, according to Omenics, a cryptocurrency market sentiment analysis service.

New Version of TronWallet Released – Here’s What’s New

This 3.1.0 version of TronWallet includes a wide array of new features

The head of a major financial institution describes why Bitcoin “will go up” in 2020 | CryptoSlate

The head of a global crypto-financial service provider recently shared his 2020 outlook for Bitcoin. In a recent interview with CNN Swizterland, Arthur Vayloyan, the CEO of Bitcoin Suisse, a swiss-regulated crypto-financial intermediary, affirmed that Bitcoin has a bright future and 2020 could set the stage for the next bull run.

Crypto lending platform Constant looks to expand NEO offering in Vietnam ” CryptoNinjas

Constant, a peer-to-peer lending platform for cryptocurrency, and popular Ethereum wallet HB wallet, have announced a new strategic partnership integrating Constant’s services into HB Wallet….

Standard Chartered invests in blockchain supply chain solution, eyes deep-tier SCF opportunities in China | Global Trade Review (GTR)

Standard Chartered has invested in Linklogis, a blockchain-enabled supply chain platform in China, to allow upstream suppliers to access financing conveniently and at a competitive rate, telling GTR that it has around a “dozen” opportunities in China to offer deep-tier supply chain finance to organisations through the partnership.

Developer Proposes Decentralized Bitcoin Hashrate Derivatives – Bitcoin News

There’s a new concept called Powswap that lets people speculate on hashrate in order to hedge against price volatility. Powswap was developed by the software engineer Jeremy Rubin who believes hashrate derivatives products allow people to leverage new trading strategies.

World’s Largest Coffee Chain Expected to Start Using Crypto to Manage Its Prepaid Cards

Seattle-based coffee giant Starbucks is expected to start using crypto in order to manage nearly $1.6 bln of borrowed cash that it gets from prepaid cards

Ethereum’s DeFi space marks another milestone as TVL registers new ATH – AMBCrypto

The DeFi space that gained massive momentum in the cryptoverse last year continues to mark new milestones with each passing day. Notably, the DeFi market also witnessed a surge alongside the entire crypto-market.According to DeFi Pulse, the total value locked in…

$7 Trillion AUM Giant Fidelity Posts Job Opening For Bitcoin Mining Engineer

Fidelity is looking to expand operations and as a result, is hiring a Bitcoin (BTC) mining engineer to help with the design, maintenance, and build-up of its mining infrastructure. The asset management giant has more than $7 trillion in customer assets and as said before, it’s looking to expand.

Genmega’s Universal Kiosk 2 Offers Crypto Currency, Food Ordering And More | Articles | Vending Times

HAYWARD, CA — Genmega Inc., a worldwide ATM and kiosk manufacturer, said it is taking orders for its new and improved Universal Kiosk 2. Shipping will begin in spring 2020. Built on the success of the original Universal Kiosk, the Universal Kiosk 2 introduces greater flexibility and functionality.

Qatar’s Commercial Bank participates in open account trade finance trial on blockchain-powered Marco Polo platform – TokenPost

Qatar’s Commercial Bank participates in open account trade finance trial on blockchain-powered Marco Polo platform Commercial Bank, a private sector bank in Qatar, has announced its participation in the first Blockchain Open Account Trade Finance Trial on the Marco Polo Platform. It is purportedly the biggest trial on the R3 Corda Network to date.

Deloitte Debuts Blockchain Certificate Platform in Partnership with DNV GL | BTCMANAGER

Deloitte’s EMEA blockchain lab says it has delivered the world’s first-ever enterprise blockchain solution for certificate authentication in partnership with DNV GL. 90,000 Certificates on Deloitte’s Blockchain Solution The ‘big four’ audit giant announced the news of the launch via a press statement published on its website. According to the…

CME Open Interest for Bitcoin Futures Up 100% Since Start of 2020 – CoinDesk

CME Open Interest for Bitcoin Futures Up 100% Since Start of 2020 Open interest in bitcoin futures listed on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) have doubled in the first few days of the year, as noted by data analytics firm Skew. About $235 million worth of positions ( 5,329 contracts) were open on the CME on Jan.

Argo’s Bitcoin Mining Revenue Jumps 10x In 2019, Operations Ramping Up For 2020

It has been reported that Argo Blockchain’s Bitcoin (BTC) mining form took 10 times more revenue in 2019 than it did in 2018. The announcement was made at a London Stock Exchange press release from Monday.

Oklahoma Senator drafts bill for state-backed financial institution supported by blockchain tech – TokenPost

Oklahoma Senator drafts bill for state-backed financial institution supported by blockchain tech Senator Nathan Dahm has drafted a new bill for Oklahoma that calls for a state-backed financial institution that will be fully supported by blockchain technology, Cointelegraph reported. The bill, dated Jan.

How blockchain could change the future of healthcare

No Description

Three reasons why you should take advantage of altcoin season – Coin Rivet

With the recent explosion in price of top altcoins such as Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV, investors and traders have started asking about the next altcoin season and how to take advantage of it. At the end of the day, cryptocurrencies are a highly speculative asset class which can increase and decrease in price at any given moment.

Fuel Labs goes live with public testnet of scalable Ethereum sidechain ” CryptoNinjas

Fuel Labs, a research group focused on sustainable scaling for Ethereum with optimistic rollups, has announced that the first public testnet for Fuel, an

UK Platform Cashaa Reveals New Crypto-Friendly Banking Service | Finance Magnates

London-based banking platform Cashaa has updated its offering that caters to people and businesses that are in need of crypto-friendly banking services. As the new Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations came into effect, Cashaa is introducing a new banking account entitled “Crypto Business/Broker”.

Bitcoin: miners received $ 5 billion in 2019! – Sahiwal

Continue to dig – Minors tend to be these interesting people when you look at the Bitcoin system just who equip by themselves with committed computing devices so that you can verify bitcoin deals, and also at the exact same time validate all of them you need to include all of them when you look at the popular obstructs for the Bitcoin blockchain.

Dubai: Government Authorities and Siemens Organize Blockchain-Focused Seminars, Lectures | BTCMANAGER

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) and Siemens recently delivered a series of seminars and lectures explaining the benefits of blockchain technology. This, according to a report by Middle East Utilities, January 20, 2020. DEWA and Siemens Look to Raise Awareness In a bid to achieve its ambitious Dubai Blockchain…

Blockchain trust protocol launched to connect Beijing, Geneva and Toronto

WISeKey has announced the formation of the Trust Protocol Association and a new trust protocol initiative connecting the cities of Toronto, Beijing and Geneva as a “trust triangle”. The global cybersecurity and IoT company is presenting the new protocol at the Geneva Blockchain Congress.

New Bill In Congress Could Have Massive Impact On Bitcoin, Ethereum, And Other Cryptocurrencies

Last Thursday, the Virtual Currency Tax Fairness Act of 2020 was introduced in Congress. The bill has the potential to solve a major issue with payments made via Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other major cryptocurrency networks in that an exception would be created for the potential capital gains taxes that often occur when these digital assets are used in everyday commerce.

Former U.S. regulator leads effort to create digital dollar

The former chair of the Commodity Future Trading Commission (CFTC) has partnered with Accenture to create the non-profit Digital Dollar Project, which plans to explore the creation of a U.S. Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). “The digital 21st century is underserved by an analogue reserve currency,” said Chris Giancarlo, former CFTC chair under Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

Bitcoin Solves This: Billionaires Own More Than 4.6 Billion People Combined

A recent Oxfam report revealed that the world’s 2,153 wealthiest billionaires have more wealth than 4.6 billion people combined, but many believe that Bitcoin may help with that in the future. According to a recent study conducted by the international charity, Oxfam, there is a major wealth inequality present in the world today.

Indian IT Minister Requests Blockchain Solutions to Improve Government Schools

Cryptocurrency News 2 hours ago (Jan 20, 2020 09:42AM ET) The Indian Telecoms and IT Minister, Ravi Shankar Prasad, has tasked the National Informatics Centre (NIC) with developing a blockchain-based solution for improving the quality of government schools. According to a Jan.



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